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What happens to your business when disaster occurs?

IT systems fail, computers get infected with malware, servers crash, buildings burn or flood, and natural disasters strike. How will your business survive and continue operations?

SysUP Systems works with you in advance to prepare for such disasters by developing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans. We take into account all the following issues and do what it takes to address your every concern.

Business Continuity Considerations

  • Hot site or warm site planing
  • DevelopĀ  a data restore plan for the hot or warm site
  • Design a remote access plan for employees to access the hot or warm site
  • Design an emergency communiaction plan

Disaster Recovery Considerations

  • Organize ahead of time the resources and information need to restore operations at the primary site
  • Document server and infrastructure specifications to expedite procurement of new hardware
  • Install the necessary hardware to virtualize the damaged servers quickly